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It's official!  The Coastal Commission will meet and vote on the Banning Ranch project right here in Newport Beach in September of this year. The Coastal Commission, the City of Newport Beach and the developer have all agreed on the timing and the location.  

We don't have the exact date for the Banning Ranch hearing, but please mark your calendars for September 7-9, 2016. The date will be posted here and on our Facebook page as soon as it's announced. It will likely be Wednesday, Sept 7, or Thursday, Sept 8. The Commission's "Meeting" page may show Arcata as the location, but that will be changed. 

Please plan to attend. As always, we need a massive crowd to demonstrate to the Coastal Commission the strong and widespread support for perserving Banning Ranch as open space. It will be our opportunity, with the hearing in our own backyard, to show the solidarity that exists for saving the only remaining coastal open space in Orange County. It's our day and we have worked for it!    

Carpooling information will be provided and that link will be posted here and on our Facebook page prior to the hearing. Meanwhile, please consider attending our Sierra Club Task Force and Banning Ranch Conservancy meetings on the 3rd and 4th Wednesdays of each month to help us get ready for September. See our Calendar page for more information on the meetings.  

A huge thanks to those who showed up for the Thursday (5/12) press conference and rally. It was a rousing success. We had a great turnout and received an amazing amount of media coverage. Links to many of the newspaper and magazine articles are available on our News page.  

The hearing process so far has been very educational and has further convinced us that the best possible use of the land is open space. With residential and commercial development of the site there is simply too much destruction to the Ranch’s irreplaceable natural resources. Over the decades, Banning Ranch has, on its own and against overwhelming odds, evolved into a rare and intricate ecosystem and wildlife refuge. Nature won the battle. Let’s not destroy Nature’s gains in 2016. Let’s celebrate them!

The Newport Beach Civic Center will have ample free parking for the hearing, so let's pack the place! And fight for every cubic inch of Banning Ranch that we can save in September!!!

Thank you immensely for your loyalty and support!  

We can't win this battle without you!    

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

A message of thanks to our supporters…

This has been a tumultuous year for all of us dedicated to saving Banning Ranch as open space. We’ve hit plenty of roadblocks, but we’ve also made great strides toward our goal, including the Coastal Commission enforcement hearing in March, which required NBR (the developers) to stop their excessive mowing and destruction of ESHA, and the California Supreme Court’s unanimous decision to hear our lawsuit against the City of Newport Beach. But most gratifying of all was the army of supporters who came forward to stand with us at the October 7, 2015 hearing.  

You did us proud! If you haven’t seen the picture on our Facebook page, please take a look at how great we look with our green and blue signs!  

Without a doubt, the Conservancy has the most steadfast, tireless and determined supporters any group could wish for. Your loyalty—and your timely contributions to our Matching Challenge—helped us coordinate a huge outreach effort to inform residents and bring volunteers to our cause, culminating in the Coastal Commission hearing on October 7. 

We packed the hearing room with our supporters. The sea of signs and waving hands was inspiring to us and greatly impressed the Coastal Commissioners, along with the expert witnesses who testified on our behalf. None of this could have been accomplished without you.  

At the hearing, the Coastal Commission made it clear that the development proposal for Banning Ranch was unacceptable. NBR was required to sit down with Coastal Commission staff and members of the Banning Ranch Conservancy to devise a significantly reduced development footprint that would meet the requirements of the Coastal Act – and come back to the January Coastal Commission hearing in San Diego with an acceptable plan.  

This is not over. Really, it’s just begun. There is so much more to do, starting with another huge turnout at the hearing in Newport Beach that's now scheduled for September 2016. Our petition is still active and we’d love several thousand more signatures for the hearing. We’d also love an even larger crowd to convince the commissioners that we’re serious, we’re strong—and we’re standing our ground.  

If you haven’t signed our petition, please sign it today!  

We’ve said it before. We’ll say it again. You are the best part of the Banning Ranch Conservancy.

Thank you for everything you do!

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

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The Conservancy's VISION PLAN can now be accessed online.  Please click here to see our VISION PLAN.     

The BRC needs volunteers.  If you have experience with Wordpress websites, please contact Suzanne Forster at 949 650-8806.  We need volunteers to help with site design and content.  If you have experience with Quickbooks for Nonprofits or would like to help out at a BRC Event or with our fundraising efforts, Suzanne would love to hear from you as well.   


Some of the habitat and wildlife photographs on this web site are courtesy of Nature Commission.

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