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The Coastal Commission hearing for Banning Ranch is Wednesday, October 7 at 9 am at the Long Beach Convention Center, Seaside Ballroom, 300 E. Ocean Blvd. in Long Beach 90802.  

The buses are now full!  Car pooling is being arranged.  For more information, call Terry Welsh at (714) 719-2148.    

If you're driving, parking is available in the Terrace Theatre Garage across from the Seaside Ballroom for $10/day.  The BRC will have a table on Seaside Way near the Ballroom.  Look for the Banning Ranch Conservancy banner.  Refreshments will be available.  Bring a snack-pack or bag lunch and water.  Restaurants are not in the immediate vicinity.

This hearing will determine the fate of Banning Ranch.  The developers are just one step away from having their deplorable project approved.  We can’t let that happen.

Join your Newport-Mesa and Huntington Beach neighbors who share grave concerns about the project’s impacts.  This is your chance to say NO to more traffic jams and choke-point intersections; NO to air, noise and light pollution at unsafe standards; NO to siphoning off 200 million gallons of water a year from our scarce water reserves; NO to the excavation of 2.5 million cubic yards of contaminated soil that will create public health risks, as well as the destruction of the Ranch’s rare natural resources.  

Let’s stand together and tell the Commissioners we want them to protect our precious coastal resources, as well as our neighborhoods!

If you can’t make the hearing, please sign the petition to the Coastal Commissioners.

Thank you for helping save Banning Ranch as an open space park for the public to treasure and enjoy! 

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Matching Challenge!  As the Conservancy prepares for what could be the final battle for Banning Ranch, a supporter has come forward just in the nick of time. Our donor cares deeply about our quality of life and the environment. She’s offered $5000 to help us reach out to the public and create urgently needed awareness of the impending development.  

We already have $1100 toward our matching goal. All we need is $3900! With your help we can do this!!!

Please donate today! The public has the right to know how this development will affect them. Our donor’s generous offer will also help pay for the buses to take residents to the hearing.  

But first we have to match the money.  

If approved at the October Coastal Commission in Long Beach, the proposed project will clog our streets with traffic, foul our air with pollution and unearth unknown levels of oil field contamination.

Donate today!  Protect our neighborhoods, the environment and the vulnerable wildlife on Banning Ranch. Help our neighbors get to the Coastal Commission hearing! Let’s pack the Long City Hall and send a powerful message to the Commission.  

We don’t want massive development on Banning Ranch!  

NBR Settlement Agreement.  On Thursday, March 12, at the California Coastal Commission Enforcement Hearing in Chula Vista, Newport Banning Ranch LLC (NBR), the developer, and the California Coastal Commission reached an agreement regarding the developer's alleged Coastal Act violations.  The agreement requires NBR to permanently halt the mowing and clearing of habitat, other than for fire prevention measures required by the Orange County Fire Authority. They have also agreed to remove or seek permits for over 40 oil wells that were drilled and operated without development permits.     

Click here to read the 3/12/15 Daily Pilot article on the settlement.

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The Conservancy's VISION PLAN can now be accessed online.  Please click here to see our VISION PLAN.     

The BRC needs volunteers.  If you have experience with Wordpress websites, please contact Suzanne Forster at 949 650-8806.  We need volunteers to help with site design and content.  If you have experience with Quickbooks for Nonprofits or would like to help out at a BRC Event or with our fundraising efforts, Suzanne would love to hear from you as well.   


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