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San Diego, here we come! The BRC is thrilled to announce a new matching opportunity. We are grateful to SPON (Stop Polluting Our Newport), and to two very generous donors, who have joined forces to offer the Conservancy a $5000 matching challenge.

This urgently needed funding supports our 16-year mission to save Banning Ranch at the January Coastal Commission hearing in San Diego.     

Please donate today!  With your support at the October 7 hearing, we stopped an imminent approval of the project and got a 90-day extension. You stood with us, in person and in spirit. In January, let’s get a denial!!! 

Your donation will help pay for the buses to take hundreds of supporters to San Diego. It will pay for experts on Banning Ranch habitat, oil field remediation and the California Coastal Act, all critical issues. Please help us make our strongest case to the Commissioners!  

Now is the time to make a donation. The Conservancy is 100% volunteers and 100% of donations go to the cause of saving Banning Ranch. Remember that donations made by December 31 are tax deductible.

Banning Ranch can be saved, but we MUST act now.

Thank you for standing with us!

Terry Welsh

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Don't wait until it's too late.  Sign up for a bus to San Diego today! You can now sign up for the buses to the Coastal Commission Hearing in San Diego. We don't have a location or an exact date yet, but the hearing will be held from Wednesday, January 13 to Friday, January 15. We will post the date and location information here and notify all signees as soon as we have it.  

Our goal is to double the attendance in Long Beach and that was a spectacular turnout. Our thanks to everyone who made the trip. It made a huge difference to have the public there in the hundreds! Believe me, the commissioners took note. For January, we need a massive turnout and we need to be there for the commissioners' deliberation. We've learned that it's imperative we be there when the decisions are being made. So, plan to go later in the day and stay a little later. But don't worry, you will be well fed and cared for.  We will be providing snacks and dinner for the bus riders.  

Sign up for a free bus seat today!

While you're here, please sign our petition to the commissioners.

Thanks for your help and support.  We can't win this battle without you!   

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

A message of thanks to our supporters…

This has been a tumultuous year for all of us dedicated to saving Banning Ranch as open space. We’ve hit plenty of roadblocks, but we’ve also made great strides toward our goal, including the Coastal Commission enforcement hearing in March, which required NBR (the developers) to stop their excessive mowing and destruction of ESHA, and the California Supreme Court’s unanimous decision to hear our lawsuit against the City of Newport Beach. But most gratifying of all was the army of supporters who came forward to stand with us at the October 7 hearing.  

You did us proud! If you haven’t seen the picture on our Facebook page, please take a look at how great we look with our green and blue signs!  

Without a doubt, the Conservancy has the most steadfast, tireless and determined supporters any group could wish for. Your loyalty—and your timely contributions to our Matching Challenge—helped us coordinate a huge outreach effort to inform residents and bring volunteers to our cause, culminating in the Coastal Commission hearing on October 7th. 

We packed the hearing room with our supporters. The sea of signs and waving hands was inspiring to us and greatly impressed the Coastal Commissioners, along with the expert witnesses who testified on our behalf. None of this could have been accomplished without you.  

At the hearing, the Coastal Commission made it clear that the development proposal for Banning Ranch was unacceptable. NBR is now required to sit down with Coastal Commission staff and members of the Banning Ranch Conservancy to devise a significantly reduced development footprint that will meet the requirements of the Coastal Act – and come back to the January Coastal Commission hearing in San Diego with an acceptable plan.  

This is not over. Really, it’s just begun. There is so much more to do, starting with another huge turnout at the January hearing. Our petition is still active and we’d love several thousand more signatures for the hearing. We’d also love an even larger crowd to convince the commissioners that we’re serious, we’re strong—and we’re standing our ground.  

If you haven’t signed our petition, please sign it today!  

We’ve said it before. We’ll say it again. You are the best part of the Banning Ranch Conservancy.

Thank you for everything you do!

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

NBR Settlement Agreement.  On Thursday, March 12, at the California Coastal Commission Enforcement Hearing in Chula Vista, Newport Banning Ranch LLC (NBR), the developer, and the California Coastal Commission reached an agreement regarding the developer's alleged Coastal Act violations.  The agreement requires NBR to permanently halt the mowing and clearing of habitat, other than for fire prevention measures required by the Orange County Fire Authority. They have also agreed to remove or seek permits for over 40 oil wells that were drilled and operated without development permits.     

Click here to read the 3/12/15 Daily Pilot article on the settlement.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

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The Conservancy's VISION PLAN can now be accessed online.  Please click here to see our VISION PLAN.     

The BRC needs volunteers.  If you have experience with Wordpress websites, please contact Suzanne Forster at 949 650-8806.  We need volunteers to help with site design and content.  If you have experience with Quickbooks for Nonprofits or would like to help out at a BRC Event or with our fundraising efforts, Suzanne would love to hear from you as well.   


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