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Banning Ranch Recommended Reading

UPDATE—Newport Banning Ranch Coastal Development Permit (CDP) Application:

On November 8, 2013, the Project developer, Newport Banning Ranch (NBR) submitted additional information to the Coastal Commission staff in response to a third Notice of Incomplete Application (NOIA) from the staff.  

The NBR CDP Application can be accessed by clicking here

On December 6, 2013, NBR received their fourth NOIA from Coastal Commission staff.

The NOIA can be accessed by clicking here

All documents associated with the application (exhibits and attachments) may be accessed by clicking here

Notice Of Incomplete Application regarding NBR, LLC's (the developer's) submittal:
Link to PDF file of NOIA

Revised Coastal Development Permit submitted by NBR, LLC:

Link to Revised Coastal Development Permit submitted by NBR, LLC:

Notice of Incomplete Coastal Development Permit Application:
Link to correspondence from the CCC to the applicant NBR, LLC

Coastal Development Permit Application Documents Now Available For Download:
Link to all documents related to the application

Newport Banning Ranch dEIR
Information and links to the dEIR documents

EQAC - Draft comments on the Banning Ranch dEIR
Draft Comments

Synectecology Inc. 2012 Comments on the Banning Ranch DEIR

20 Things to Know About Banning Ranch/Bluff Road/Sunset Ridge Park
View 20 things

Newport Banning Ranch Notice of Preparation
Banning Ranch Notice of Preparation document (NOP).

Newport Banning Ranch Planned Community Development Plan

Newport Banning Ranch Master Site Plan

Newport Banning Ranch Development Plan

Newport Banning Ranch Staff Reports

2008 NBR LLC Development Plan Appendices
Vol 1 - 2008 (file size - 19 MB)
Vol 2 - 2008 (file size - 137 MB)
Vol 3 - 2008 (file size - 147 MB)
Vol 4 - 2008  (file size - 43 MB)

Taylor Woodrow EIR 2000

1995 Banning Ranch Rodent Study

1973 Resolution of Exemption E-7-27-73-144 (Permit for Banning Ranch Oil Operation) of Exemption.pdf

Banning Ranch Recommended Viewing

Bannng Ranch Coyotes at Play (video)

PowerPoint Presentation to Home Owner's Associations

City of Newport Beach Coastal/Bay Water Quality Presentation - 10/13/2011

Sunset Ridge Recommended Viewing/Reading

Link to all documents related to Sunset Ridge Park

Miscellaneous Documents

Patrick Mitchell: Santa Ana River Guide

Oscar F. Clarke: Flora of the Santa Ana River and Environs

Fighting Bad Development and Urban Sprawl in the California Courts

Digging up Trouble - The Health Risks of Construction Pollution in California

NCHRP #184 - Citizen's Guide to Better Solutions for Better Transportation

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